Danish Shogi Federation


Danish Shogi Federation was formally founded on May the 20th 2017. The previous four years, it existed informally as The Danish Shogi Union. We are a member of Federation of European Shogi Associations og Danmarks Tankesports-Forbund (The Danish Mind Sports Association).

There are no Shogi clubs in Denmark, but we will be happy to convey contact between people interested in Shogi. Some of us meet at Absalon in Copenhagen on the last (non-public holiday) Monday of each month at 7.30 p.m. Anyone is welcome.

You can read more about The Danish Shogi Federation on Facebook.

Anyone can become a member of The Danish Shogi Federation, and it costs DKK 50,- for one year.

MobilePay: 2274VK



Chairman Dennis Hellegaard: dennis.hellegaard@gmail.com

Treasurer Torben Pedersen: tp@shogi.dk



Danish champion 2023: Dennis Hellegaard. Result

Danish champion 2022: Torben Pedersen. Result

Danish champion 2021: Dennis Hellegaard. Result

Danish champion 2020: Dennis Hellegaard. Result

Danish champion 2019: Dennis Hellegaard. Result

Danish champion 2018: Carsten Hellegaard. Result

Danish champion 2017: Peter Heine Nielsen. Result

A Danish national team participates in the World Shogi League